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Operating a crane can be extremely dangerous – that’s why so many businesses choose to hire expert crane lifting services, rather than trying to maintain their own cranes.  Cranes must be closely supervised, with multiple technicians all handling different aspects of its operation.  If any of them are off on any dimensional, weight, or movement […]

If you only have an occasional need to haul large items, it can often be a better choice to hire heavy haul services, rather than purchasing your own truck and trailer.  Dedicated specialist services will have the manpower, licensing, and expertise needed to ensure your haul is completed properly. In addition, they’ll have a wide […]

As a construction contractor around Austin, you need to have the right heavy equipment available to meet your customer’s needs – and that certainly includes having cranes ready for use!  It might be tempting to purchase cranes for your own fleet but, realistically, this is rarely the best option. Most of the time, you’ll be […]

If you’re looking to hire crane and rigging services in Corpus Christi, you need a service that will be able to accomplish your job effectively and safely.  Safety is of paramount importance whenever working with a crane, and it’s vital that your crane and rigging service has a strong focus on safety. So, it’s always a […]

There are numerous reasons why it would make sense to rent cranes from Austin crane rental companies, rather than buying outright.  Cranes are incredibly expensive to own, operate, and maintain.  Plus, any given crane is only going to be useful in a certain range of jobs.  Even for contractors who do extensive construction work, it […]

Dec 1, 2019 – Hillsboro, TX – When Bobcat Contracting began in 1994, it started as one man with a backhoe.  Today, Bobcat is one of the top energy contractors and crane rental services in Texas. Bobcat Contracting was founded by Roy M. “Marc” Young, who had recently purchased a used backhoe and was working as a freelance […]

If you’re hiring for construction work around Bryan-College Station, renting a crane could be one of your smartest choices.  A crane rental is affordable and gets you the equipment you need for the job at a fraction of the cost of buying a crane.  Better yet, if your crane rental service is robust, they will […]

If you have one or more cranes as part of your Houston equipment fleet, you are legally required to have those cranes inspected and certified at least once a year – or possibly more.  Due to just how dangerous a crane can be if it breaks down while in use, regular service and maintenance are […]

At Bobcat Contracting, we’re fanatical about safety – and we’ve got one of the lowest accident rates in the industry as a result.  It’s easy to see why, though, particularly when it comes to our Houston crane lifting services.  Cranes are among the most dangerous pieces of equipment at any job site.  They must be operated with […]

Hundreds of people and machines have to come together to make any construction project happen, and there are numerous points of failure that can grind operations to a halt.  But few can be more disruptive as a crane breakdown.  Cranes are the backbone of any major construction project, and if your crane has become unusable, […]