Due to its complexity and potential danger, operating a crane should only be left to an expert and qualified operators. It is for this reason that companies hire external companies for crane lifting services, as opposed to doing it themselves. Not only is the crane operator needed, but several technicians need to be all be supervising different aspects while it is in operation. Even if just a minor detail is off, like weight or movement calculations, this can result in a major issue.

A way that a crane team can all operate on the same wavelength is by utilizing a crane load chart. Even if you are using a crane lifting service, knowing what is on a crane load chart can help you keep track of things being completed.

Four Important Elements of a Crane Load Chart

  • Weight & Dimensions

An especially important part of the chart is where it lists the total dimensions of the crane. This size description will not only indicate its working dimensions when all outriggers are in use, but it will also include the transport or compact size it will be during delivery. Also included will be the total weight during transportation and the weight per axle.

This is extremely important info since you need to know if your job site can fit the crane.

  • Lifting Capacity

Knowing exactly how much the crane you plan on using can lift is vital. A crane’s max lifting capacity includes several different things like the counterweight used and how far the arm is when it extends. A crane arm that is fully extended will not be able to handle the same lift capacity as to when it is at its shortest.

Understanding and reviewing this information in your crane load chart is a must.

  • Lifting Range

Piggybacking off the last point, how far can your crane’s arm extend while still managing to lift a load? Range of movement is another detail that you need to understand and know. All of this information will be included in your chart.

  • Crane in Motion

You also need to consider situations where the crane will pick up a load and proceed to move it to another spot. The crane in motion section will outline important dimensions, along with maximum lifting weight while moving (at the standard 2.5MPH for carry jobs).

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