As part of our turnkey services providing support for energy and construction projects, Bobcat Contracting has invested in the trucks and trailers necessary for heavy haul trucking services across our service areas. By owning all of our own equipment, we can offer superior service and prices to any operation in need of heavy hauling or oversized operations.

Heavy haul trucking involves the transportation of wide-load or oversized freight. This kind of cargo requires special permits, well-trained drivers, and special equipment to deliver. This applies when cargo is unable to fit on standard-sized trailers, including loads over 80,000 lbs. in weight, or exceeding a width of 8.6 feet, a length over 48 feet, or a height over 13.6 feet. Heavy haul loads often require specialized trailers such as flatbeds, step-decks, stretch trailers, multiple-axle trailers, double drops, and removable goosenecks.

We care about our customers and their freight. Our heavy haul drivers help your logistics team with their expertise in oversize and heavy freights of any weight, length or height, handling everything from transport to loading, securing, and delivering. Our logistics agents will work with you to obtain all the necessary permits and paperwork.

  • Got an Unusual Load? We’ll Make It Work!
    Bobcat Contracting didn’t grow to be one of Texa’s most relied-upon heavy item logistics companies by turning down difficult jobs. When we say oversized and heavy haul, we mean it. Hundreds of tons? Unwieldy dimensions? Extra-long? If we don’t have a solution, we’ll invent one.
  • We have The Tools and The Talent
    Thanks to our wide range of cranes and trailer types – including floats, lowboys, drop decks, and double drop deck stretches – we know how to work safely with loads of all shapes and sizes. Our equipment operators are highly trained, and fully compliant with NCCCO, OSHA, and ANSI standards, as well as being certified for hazmat handling as well. Extensive drug testing and re-training ensures every member of the Bobcat Contracting team is fully prepared to get your load to its destination safely and affordably.
  • We Handle the Paperwork
    For obvious reasons, oversized and heavy haul loads are tightly regulated. In most cases, they need extensive weight testing and permits before ever leaving the loading dock. However, that’s not your problem – it’s ours. Our extensive experience in dealing with oversized loads means that we are intimately familiar with the laws and regulations covering such heavy haul trucking jobs in Texa’s and Oklahoma. With Bobcat Contracting, you can rest assured that all the bureaucratic requirements will be fulfilled.
  • Safety Always Comes First

Bobcat Contracting understands the needs of overweight and oversize loads. That’s why our drivers are specially trained for heavy-haul trucking. Our logistics team and drivers are knowledgeable and experienced in providing safe transport of heavy haul loads with dedication, skill, and attention to detail to ensure the safety of the cargo, other road users, and our agents.

Bobcat Contracting has experience planning transport for common freight, including excavators, bulldozers, pavers, forklifts, graders, compactors, cranes, scrapers, wheel loaders, and more. That’s why we’re the best choice for heavy haul trucking in Texa’s and Oklahoma. We handle the paperwork and regulations to relocate your mining equipment, industrial machinery, farming equipment, vehicles, and ship-to-shore loads.

Choose Bobcat Contracting for Your Heavy Haul Services

For turnkey heavy haul trucking services in Texa’s, Bobcat Contracting is here. Contact us today for a full consultation on your heavy haul trucking needs. With over 25 years of experience, we know what needs to be done to transport and deliver your heavy equipment.

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