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Why Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction Companies in Texas Choose Bobcat Contracting

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As one of Texas’s fastest-growing and most successful general contracting firms, we find ourselves called across the state -and neighboring states- solving a wide variety of shipping, engineering, and heavy equipment issues.  However, we got our start working with oil and gas pipeline construction companies, and that’s where the heart of our experience truly lies. […]

For a lot of companies, keeping a full-sized Class 8 truck in their fleet just isn’t in the cards.  Heavy haul trucking vehicles are expensive to own and maintain, on top of the insurance needs, as well as having to maintain drivers.  It’s just not cost effective. Of course, that leaves the issue of what […]

Electrical and instrumentation companies in Texas have plenty of choices when it comes to contractors, but for many of them, the only choice is Bobcat Contracting.  For more than twenty years, we’ve specialized in providing high-quality contracting service to electrical and instrumentation companies across the state, as well as neighboring states, with a true emphasis […]

More and more operations are discovering how much money they can save by hiring a crane rental in Texas.  Cranes are expensive, specialized pieces of equipment that will also cost a lot in upkeep.  Renting cranes when needed, rather than owning them, makes a lot of business sense in most cases. if you are looking […]

Construction is an expensive field, and it’s important to keep costs down.  That’s why so many operations are turning to crane rental companies when they need heavy lifting equipment, rather than trying to buy their own hardware.  It’s a choice that brings plenty of benefits, and very few drawbacks. In many cases, this is a very easy […]

If you’re looking to hire crane lifting services in Texas, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.  With the construction industry booming, there’s no shortage of companies renting out specialty equipment.  However, that doesn’t mean they’re all equal.  Quite the contrary- it just becomes that much more difficult to find crane lifting services in […]

A crane hire in Texas can be an excellent move from a business perspective, granting you the usage of an extremely expensive piece of specialty equipment at a fraction of what it would cost to own.  However, a crane can also be an especially dangerous piece of equipment.  If you’re going to have a rental […]

When working in the oil, gas, or construction industries, the quality of your contracted electrical and instrumentation companies will make a huge impact on the success of your project.  Companies managing large projects sometimes neglect to consider the importance of their electrical and instrumentation systems, and that will come back to haunt them later. You need electrical and […]

With the invention of mobile cranes, there has been a major shift in how companies think about cranes and crane lifting services.  Whereas previously, many operations would need to own and maintain their own cranes onsite, mobile cranes make crane rentals a much more viable alternative. In fact, aside from dedicated construction operations, there’s often […]

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