As a construction contractor around Austin, you need to have the right heavy equipment available to meet your customer’s needs – and that certainly includes having cranes ready for use!¬† It might be tempting to purchase cranes for your own fleet but, realistically, this is rarely the best option.

Most of the time, you’ll be better off working with crane rental companies in Austin. This might seem inefficient, but it offers a lot of benefits with very few drawbacks.

Why Work with Austin Crane Rental Companies, Rather Than Buying A Crane

Cost Savings

The biggest reason to stick with renting cranes would be the cost savings.¬† Cranes are incredibly expensive to purchase, own, operate, maintain, and license.¬† This isn’t merely a one-time cost, either.¬† Upkeep on a crane can be huge all by itself, not to mention all the inspections and maintenance needed to keep them safe.

You would have to do a lot of lifting jobs to justify the costs of keeping cranes in your fleet.

Always have the right crane available

Another major issue is the wide variety of cranes that are out there, each particularly suited for a different type of job.  For example, what if you purchase a crane on wheels, but then get hired for an off-road job where treads are needed? That crane is useless.  On the other hand, a quality crane rental service will have a huge collection of cranes of all types, ensuring you can quickly rent the best machine for your needs.

Have expert operators on-hand

Another major issue when it comes to crane operation is the matter of the workforce.¬† A crane requires multiple licensed operators to function properly.¬† If these are people on your staff, you’ll have to pay to keep up with their training, licensing, and insurance.¬† That just adds even more costs to your overhead.

On the other hand, most Austin crane rental companies provide their manpower as part of the rental, so that’s another burden off your shoulders.

Crane Rentals from Bobcat Bring Better Results

Simply put, you’re much more likely to have safe and cost-effective results when you rent your cranes from a dedicated provider, rather than trying to maintain your own fleet.

Bobcat Contracting can be your crane rental partner Рand we have one of the best safety records in the business.  Contact us to discuss your next job!