Bobcat Contracting provides oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance services to leading energy clients. By focusing on safety, work quality, client satisfaction, and employee development, Bobcat has steadily grown to become a leader in energy services. Bobcat employs a highly skilled workforce and maintains one of the most modern equipment fleets in the industry. The state-of-the-art fabrication shop has the resources to complete large fabrication projects for pipelines, fuel terminals, pump and compressor stations,refineries and power plants.

Pipeline Fabrication Services

Bobcat Contracting has the capability to fabricate pipelines up to 36” in diameter. We offer a variety of welding services, including anomaly repair, pipeline coating, and sandblasting. In addition, we can also provide pig launcher fabrication services and installation, compressor stations, meter/pump stations, cathodic protection, horizontal directional drilling, hydrostatic testing, hydro excavation, and more.

Other Services

There are a variety of other services that we offer at Bobcat Contracting, including right-of-way maintenance and reclamation, painting, and inspection. No matter what your needs are, our team is here to help.

Additional services includes:

  • Main Line Construction up to 36” Diameter
  • Anomaly Repair
  • Pipeline Coating
  • Sandblasting
  • Pig Launcher Fabrication Services & Installation
  • Compressor Stations
  • Meter Stations
  • Pump Stations
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Hydro Excavation
  • X-Ray
  • Vacuum Truck Services
  • Right-of-Way Maintenance & Reclamation
  • Catwalks, Painting
  • Inspection
  • Above-ground Piping Installation/Demolition

Compressor Stations

We also offer compressor station services. A compressor station is a facility used to compress natural gas that is transported through pipelines. These stations are typically located along the pipeline route, and they use centrifugal compressors to increase the pressure of the gas so it can flow more easily through the pipeline.

Meter/Pump Stations

We construct and maintain meter and pump stations, which are facilities used to measure the volume of natural gas that is transported through pipelines. These stations are also used to pump the gas from one section of the pipeline to another.


Constructing a pipeline requires a lot of coordination, and our team has the experience and knowledge necessary to get the job done right. We also offer catwalk construction services. A catwalk is a raised platform that runs along the length of a pipeline, and it is used to provide access for workers during construction and maintenance activities.

Above Ground Piping and Installation

Once the pipeline is fabricated, our team will install it according to your specifications. We also offer above-ground piping and installation services. Above-ground piping is used for a variety of purposes, including waterlines, sewer lines, and natural gas lines.

A Highly Skilled and Experienced Workforce with Top-Tier Pipeline Fabrication Services and Construction Services

Bobcat Contracting has a highly skilled and experienced workforce. Our team has the training and expertise necessary to complete your project safely, on time, and within budget.We are proud to offer top-tier pipeline fabrication services and construction services. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!