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An appropriately maintained crane can be the difference between life and death on a construction site. If a crane is poorly maintained or left with damages that have not been repaired, the result can be major expenses and compromised workplace safety.

With 25 years of top-rated crane repair service, our team at Bobcat Contracting has shared five of their best crane maintenance and repair tips below.

Crane Servicing, Maintenance and Repair Service Advice

1. Ensure proper alignment

After extended periods of use, a crane may become misaligned and lean to one side, causing excess tension on the machine. Crane operators should always be aware of the state of their equipment and seek out a reputable crane repair service immediately if the machine is misaligned. At Bobcat Contracting, our qualified contractors are re-trained every year to provide the best crane lifting services and spot hazards such as misalignment.

2. Inspect chains and connections for damages

The chains and connections that comprise the hoist should be highly durable, and able to withstand years of wear. However, if you notice serious wear, damage or rust over time, you may want to have a professional assess the condition of your crane.

3. Make sure the hook is intact

Construction workers rely on the hook element of their cranes to lift extremely heavy loads, which is why it is essential to make sure this component has not been damaged. Construction workers should regularly check the hook for cracks or bends in the material. If you require a rental crane during repair services, Bobcat Contracting offers state of the art equipment for rent at an affordable price.

4. Check air and hydraulic systems daily

Cranes rely on a variety of air and hydraulic systems to operate, which is why crane operators should check these systems for damages on a daily basis. Pipes, lines and other components of your crane are far more susceptible to damage or leaks than heavy metal components.

5. Replace wheels

The end truck wheels on your crane must be in good condition to move this heavy piece of equipment and carry large loads on a job site. These wheels should be replaced as soon as you notice serious wear.

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Construction workers should be able to rely on their equipment to perform and keep them safe on the job. Contact us today to learn more about our excellent crane repair services and crane servicing!