Something from nothing

The idea of Bobcat Contracting LLC began in 1993 with one man and one backhoe. After great success, that one man, Roy M. (Marc) Young, organized his company into Bobcat Contracting LLC. Over the years, the company that began with one man and one backhoe has grown into a vibrant organization employing hundreds of people who work in various sectors of the energy industry.

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The single source

Bobcat Contracting is the single source in energy services. With three divisions, pipeline & fabrication, crane, and electrical & instrumentation, the company strives to meet the needs of a diverse group of energy companies. Keeping service in mind, Bobcat Contracting performs a variety of work for the oil and gas industry, including pipeline construction and maintenance, terminal and tank farm construction, fabrication, horizontal directional drilling, hydrostatic testing, and many other ancillary services. Bobcat Contracting’s Crane division provides crane and rigging and heavy hauling for numerous projects and customers in a variety of industries. The Electrical & Instrumentation division offers a complete range of electrical, instrumentation, automation, measurement, and communication services for a broad range of clients.

leading the industry

By focusing on safety, work quality, client satisfaction, and employee development, Bobcat Contracting has steadily grown to become a leader in energy services. The company, headquartered in Hillsboro, Texas, performs work across the country. Bobcat Contracting is on the cutting edge of technology by utilizing the best products and materials available, real-time applications, and paperless office functions.

The Founder

Young earned a bachelor’s degree from Texas State University. Soon after, he started what would become the diversified energy services company Bobcat Contracting is today. Through the years, Young has continued to be heavily involved in the day to day operations of the business. His years of field experience have given him a unique perspective not all executives possess.

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the future

See what Bobcat Contracting has to offer your energy company. To learn more about pipeline & fabrication, crane or electrical & instrumentation, please contact us. Bobcat Contracting is your single source in energy services.