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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 19, 2024

Bobcat Contracting L.L.C. Attends the 36th International Pipeline Pigging & Integrity Management Conference™

Houston, TX, February 12-15, 2024 – Bobcat Contracting L.L.C., a leading Pipeline Integrity and Crane Rental Company, proudly participated in the 36th International Pipeline Pigging and Integrity Management (PPIM) Conference held in Houston from February 12-15, 2024. The event, which attracted 3,400 attendees from 35 countries, served as a platform for industry leaders to exchange knowledge and explore cutting-edge technologies in pipeline pigging and integrity management.

Bobcat Contracting took on a prominent role as the Pipeliner’s Pub sponsor, providing attendees with a dynamic and enjoyable gathering place throughout the conference. The Pipeliner’s Pub featured exciting giveaways and a putting green, creating a lively atmosphere for networking and connecting.

Key highlights from Bobcat Contracting’s participation at the PPIM Conference include:

  1. Strong Client Presence: Bobcat Contracting was pleased to welcome 60 of its current clients at the conference, fostering stronger relationships and collaboration.
  2. Global Networking: The conference provided a rare opportunity for Bobcat Contracting to meet new contacts on a global scale. The company engaged with potential partners and clients for upcoming projects in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Northeastern US, and California.
  3. Diverse Attendee Representation: Attendance from top management, as well as tool technicians and superintendents of pigging crews, provided a comprehensive platform for networking and knowledge exchange.
  4. Innovative Showcase: Bobcat Contracting showcased its expertise in pigging with model pig traps featuring weld fittings. The interactive display demonstrated the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in pipeline services.
  5. Single Source: Bobcat Contracting highlighted all energy services offered, including electrical and instrumentation, powerline distribution, crane rental, and hydro vac trucking. This unique combination truly cemented Bobcat Contracting as the single source in energy solutions and provided a unique platform to share with potential clients.

For more information about Bobcat Contracting L.L.C. and its services, please visit https://bobcatcontracting.com/.

About Bobcat Contracting L.L.C.: Bobcat Contracting L.L.C. is a renowned Pipeline Integrity and Crane Rental Company specializing in providing comprehensive solutions for the construction and maintenance of pipelines, and is the single source in energy solutions. With a commitment to excellence, safety, and innovation, Bobcat Contracting has established itself as a trusted partner in the energy industry.


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