Crane Safety Tips - Bobcat Contracting

Crane operators are highly vulnerable to serious injuries when they are not provided with safety equipment and proper training. At Bobcat Contracting, the safety of our employees is our top priority. Continue reading to learn a few ways that you can ensure safe crane operation.

Tips for Safely Operating a Crane

  • Qualified crane operators

The most important aspect of safely operating heavy machinery is having the proper training and qualifications to do so. At Bobcat Contracting, our crane operators complete a rigorous training program to gain their certification and re-train each year. Our crane operators know what to look for when inspecting a crane for damages, and how to use the machine in a variety of conditions.

  • Follow lock and tag protocols

A highly trained crane operator will know when the machine should be shut down for a period to prevent electrical, air and hydraulic elements from endangering other operators and damaging the piece of equipment. Operators should also tag the locked crane to signal to other workers that it is out of use. If the crane does not appear to be functioning properly after a lockout, operators should contact a reliable crane repair service.

  • Inspect the crane before use

Crane operators should always ensure their equipment is working properly before operating it. This can be done by inspecting the machine for leaks, testing the motor and checking for damaged or worn materials.

  • Do not exceed lifting capacities

Before operating this heavy piece of equipment, operators should test the crane lifting capacity and identify the amount of weight that the machine can safely carry. Crane operators who use equipment without performing weight calculations may wind up putting themselves and others in danger. Overloading a crane with weight may also lead to major crane repairs.

  • Educate yourself on hand signals

During a construction job, there are often many workers using a variety of loud, heavy machinery. This can make it difficult to communicate with other workers when there is a problem with a machine, or if you need someone to move out of the way. Workers should go over hand signals to ensure proper communication before starting a job.

Get Crane Services from Bobcat Contracting

There is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of your employees on a dangerous job site. One of the best ways to do this is by staying on top of crane repair services to ensure your equipment is working properly. Contact us today to learn more about our highly rated services.