When companies across Texas need to rent a crane, they turn to Bobcat Contracting.

Since 1993, we’ve been a premier construction contractor in Texas and Oklahoma, with a focus on cranes and rigging. Since then, we’ve gained a reputation for our highly trained workforce and fanatical emphasis on job-site safety. We’ve safely completed hundreds of jobs across the area. Big or small, we can handle all of your lifting needs! 

We can assist with:

  • Commercial building and construction
  • Residential construction
  • Highways, bridges, and other municipal projects
  • Oil & gas work
  • Commercial air conditioner installation
  • Plant maintenance
  • Prefab concrete construction
  • Logging
  • Mining
  • Expert rigging
  • Numerous other lifting operations

Why Choose Bobcat Contracting for Crane Rental?

What keeps our customers coming back whenever they need a crane rental in Texas, or the surrounding areas?

Expert Staff

We employ more than 700 workers, who are all carefully vetted, background-checked, and trained. Ongoing training is provided as well, with our workforce encouraged to constantly seek new certifications while maintaining their skills. We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive and healthy work environment, and our workforce reflects that with their can-do attitudes.

Large Fleet

We've accumulated cranes throughout our history, leading to us having one of the most extensive crane fleets in the state. Large or small, on-road or off-road, in almost any configuration, we have the cranes to meet your needs. We'll consult with you extensively on each job, to select the best crane for the service.

Unparalleled Safety Record

Cranes can be extremely dangerous, and a single mistake can be truly disastrous - costing lives and huge amounts of property damage. For this reason, we are truly fanatical about safety. Every job is carefully examined for its safety hazards, and every day begins with an extensive safety briefing. Periodic surprise inspections of both site and equipment help guarantee every Bobcat job is conducted with the utmost safety.

This emphasis on safety also helps keep our prices down. Our best-in-class safety record allows us to have nearly unheard-of low insurance rates, and those cost savings can be passed directly on to our customers. It's a two-for-one benefit for you!

Choose Bobcat Contracting for Crane Rentals in Texas

Our expertise and service history speak for themselves. Our crane rental and rigging services are among the best in the region, paired with highly competitive prices, and engaging staff dedicated to seeing your job completed perfectly.

When you need a crane rental in Texas, Bobcat Contracting is here to help. Contact us for a consultation and price estimate

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