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There are numerous reasons why it would make sense to rent cranes from Austin crane rental companies, rather than buying outright.  Cranes are incredibly expensive to own, operate, and maintain.  Plus, any given crane is only going to be useful in a certain range of jobs.  Even for contractors who do extensive construction work, it […]

Dec 1, 2019 – Hillsboro, TX – When Bobcat Contracting began in 1994, it started as one man with a backhoe.  Today, Bobcat is one of the top energy contractors and crane rental services in Texas. Bobcat Contracting was founded by Roy M. “Marc” Young, who had recently purchased a used backhoe and was working as a freelance […]

If you have one or more cranes as part of your Houston equipment fleet, you are legally required to have those cranes inspected and certified at least once a year – or possibly more.  Due to just how dangerous a crane can be if it breaks down while in use, regular service and maintenance are […]

Hundreds of people and machines have to come together to make any construction project happen, and there are numerous points of failure that can grind operations to a halt.  But few can be more disruptive as a crane breakdown.  Cranes are the backbone of any major construction project, and if your crane has become unusable, […]

High winds, heavy rain, and unpredictable weather are a few of the reasons why hurricane season in Texas can be so unpredictable. However, construction services can’t draw to a screeching halt every hurricane season: life goes on, after all. But knowing what to do to stay safe during the season can help make it easier […]

While operator error can sometimes cause crane accidents, one of the most common reasons for a crane accident while on the job is the weather.  As we saw with the Dallas crane collapse earlier this year, a sudden shift in weather can be absolutely disastrous. And when hurricane season comes, that’s a big problem for […]

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a high rise or simply performing an add-on to an Austin home: safety should always be a top priority. This is especially true when it comes to crane lifting services. Cranes require specialized expertise and lift large, heavy loads, so the right precautions can help you avoid serious injuries […]

When you’re looking for crane lifting services in Austin, one of the most important things to focus on is safety.  In the wrong hands, a crane can potentially be the most dangerous thing on a job site.  You want a crane service with a genuine emphasis on keeping your site, and your people, safe from any danger. […]

No matter what size your construction job is, hiring a crane can be a costly investment for some, but it’s always worth it. This is because enlisting a Corpus Christi crane hire service will provide you with the best equipment for your application in addition to an experienced, reliable operator. However, there are some ways […]

For most construction jobs around Corpus Christi, you will inherently save a lot of money by renting a crane rather than buying one.  Cranes are extremely expensive to own and operate, plus a single crane will only be useful for a small number of jobs.  Crane hire services in Corpus Christi will have a large fleet […]