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Answering Common Questions About Heavy Haul Services Among the many contracted services we provide across Texas and Oklahoma, Bobcat Contracting is happy to assist with heavy haul services as needed.  We have a large fleet of heavy haul vehicles on-hand for our crane rental service, and they can be put to virtually any other use […]

Cranes are among the most useful of the multi-purpose heavy machines, with numerous applications throughout business and industry.  From assisting on construction sites, to doing the literal heavy lifting when adding large objects – such as air conditioning units – to the roofs of buildings, cranes are genuinely invaluable. If you’re in a business or […]

Keeping your crane working at an optimal level is essential to productivity on the job site. A well-maintained crane eliminates downtime and makes the job of each employee that much easier. However, a crane can eventually break down due to a variety of reasons. Reaching out to a company that offers crane repair service is […]

Cranes can be quite an investment. It doesn’t matter if you own a large construction firm or simply a one-man contracting company, ensuring your crane is in great shape is essential. Doing so can help you avoid serious accidents and costly repairs, which is why the team from Bobcat Contracting has collected some tips for […]

When it comes to crane rental companies, not every single one will be the best for you, so it’s important to have some tips for weeding out the best from the rest. That’s why the team from Bobcat Contracting is here to help.

Whether you’re embarking on a month-long construction project with a team of contractors or simply need to move some heavy loads over the weekend, enlisting the services of a reliable crane rental company is key. By renting a quality crane, you can save immense amounts of time and money.

Like most pieces of construction equipment, even the sturdiest cranes will eventually require crane repair services and maintenance. However, unless you’re an expert, determining precisely when there’s an issue is often easier said than done. That’s why the professionals from Bobcat Contracting are here to offer some insight.

To safely operate a crane without dropping the load or damaging the machine, it is essential to know the crane load capacity. Crane operators must recalculate this amount each time they use this piece of equipment, as it can vary depending on the position of the hoist and the lift range among other factors.   […]

While the vast majority of natural gas travels across North America via safely constructed pipelines, energy companies have been forced to look for an alternative mode of transportation due to an overwhelming influx of gas. In recent years, companies have worked to safely transport natural gas via railway containers. Bobcat Contracting is proud to be […]