Answering Common Questions About Heavy Haul Services

Among the many contracted services we provide across Texas and Oklahoma, Bobcat Contracting is happy to assist with heavy haul services as needed.  We have a large fleet of heavy haul vehicles on-hand for our crane rental service, and they can be put to virtually any other use you might have.  Better yet, since we own all our own equipment, that means our overhead is low and we can offer hauling services at highly competitive prices, without compromising on skill or safety.

If you think you may be in need of heavy haul services, please take a look at this FAQ from our Bobcat Contracting team that covers some of the most common questions we hear.

Heavy Haul Services – A FAQ

  1. What is the difference between heavy haul and standard hauling?

By definition, a heavy haul load is oversized – larger than typical transport containers, and often larger than what is typically allowed on a state’s roads and highways.  As such, these loads require special transportation talent, as well as deep knowledge of relevant laws and regulations.  For example, most oversized loads require special permits.

  1. What defines an oversized load?

Definitions are set by each state, so they vary from place to place. Broadly speaking, the loads will be taller, longer, wider, or heavier than is normally allowed on the road, especially anything that exceeds the standard flatbed trailer width of 102 inches.

These sorts of loads could include:

  • Large industrial equipment
  • Heavy machinery
  • Pre-built or some mobile homes like double-wides
  • Building elements, such as heavy pipes or structural elements
  1. Are there limitations on oversized loads?

Generally, the limitation is simply whether a carrier is willing to take the load.  The larger it is, the more difficult the job becomes.  Also, some loads may be able to be broken down into several smaller components, at which point they cease to be oversized.

  1. Why do heavy haul services cost more?

Hauling oversized loads is a very difficult and demanding job, which requires specialist vehicles as well as deep knowledge of logistics.  For example, if a load is too tall, the route must be planned out mile-by-mile to find a path that avoids any low bridges or overpasses.  You’re paying for a lot of specialist expertise!

Bobcat Contracting is one of Texas’s most successful contractors, with deep knowledge of shipping and logistics across Texas and Oklahoma.  If you have an oversized load, call us for heavy haul services.