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When it comes to construction equipment, having the most modern, up-to-date technology is crucial. This is especially true for cranes. Investing in overhead crane modernization for your construction project offers a host of benefits including cost and time savings, and more.

Here the team of Austin crane rental experts from Bobcat Contracting has collected some important insights for you about how renting today’s leading cranes or performing upgrades can offer a variety of benefits.

Remote Radio Controls

One of the foremost advantages of renting modern cranes in Austin is that nowadays, many are equipped with remote radio controls to make them much easier to operate. Specifically, these remote controls are most often used to repair/upgrade control stations and cabs, as well as pushbutton stations.

On older cranes, the pendant pushbutton stations often create unnecessary safety hazards and inefficiencies. Since pendants keep the crane operator connected to the crane, it often limits their mobility and forces them to place themselves in tight situations or dodge obstacles when they can just as easily do such tasks out of the crane cab to remain out of harm’s way. It’s important to note that using cranes with remote radio controls only requires a single operator whereas with older cranes, two are often necessary.

Automated Solutions

Another benefit of modern crane upgrades is the automated solutions they provide, which help construction teams save time and money while reducing the need for on-site personnel. Nowadays, even complex manual cranes, monorail systems, hoists, and other equipment can be equipped with automatic technology. This technology not only extends the lifecycles of cranes but also allows operators to execute repeatable motions with the simple push of a button. Additionally, it facilitates more complex operations, such as establishing multiple safe “no-fly” zones in crane bays, through fully automated asset management solutions.

Automation also provides additional benefits such as auto-dispatch solutions, snag detection, off-center pick prevention, and more to improve efficiency and safety. Operators can collaborate with semi-automated cranes, or in certain operations, the presence of an operator may not be necessary at all, depending on your needs.

Cost-Efficient Upgrades

Since overhead cranes, no matter how old they are, remain a significant investment for any construction contractor, providing cost-effective upgrades is often a great alternative to purchasing a newer crane. You can easily prolong the lifespan of more outdated cranes and also save upwards of 40% of the cost of buying new equipment. Additionally, modern upgrades will minimize unnecessary downtime.

Structurally sound cranes can be updated to meet today’s industry standards and your operational needs. Since cranes can last for decades, you should also consider changing their placement and runway to make future use easier. Also, replacing old trolley hoists with more updated trolley hoists that work with modern controls is also recommended.

Mechanical Upgrades

Another way to ensure your crane’s lifespan is extended is by performing mechanical upgrades and replacing worn and outdated parts with modern ones. It might not seem like changing a few pieces of mechanical components will make much of a difference, but even today’s simplest modern gears offer closer tolerance rates, reduced vibration, and minimal wear and tear, not to mention much quieter operation.

You can also go one step further and use modern flux vector controls to completely eliminate inefficiencies when it comes to the mechanical load brakes employed when hoisting, reducing maintenance needs, and enabling your crane gears to operate at a cooler rate to protect brake discs and pads. Updating older cranes with more modern braking technology can make your crane much more serviceable with a wealth of parts to choose from should anything need to be replaced.

AC/DC Crane Controls

One crucial aspect of both new and old cranes is their control systems, which ensure safe and reliable operation. Older cranes often rely on outdated operating systems using contactors and resistor banks to manage energy and speed. However, the introduction of AC variable frequency drives (VFD) has significantly improved crane safety, efficiency, throughput, and lifespan.

With cranes that operate on a direct current frequency (DC), you’ll benefit from a more compact motor that’s expertly engineered, more efficient, and longer-lasting. Even in the most complex and extreme situations, DC motors provide solid-state and eco-friendly drive controls that enhance performance.

VFD Firmware

Last but certainly not least, equipping your crane with application-specific VFD firmware can further streamline operations. Such firmware is very affordable and offers innovative solutions like algorithms to prevent loads from swaying, footbrake control, mechanical bucket control for dredgers and diggers, as well as extremely precise synchronization technology.

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