Jan. 27, 2016:

Texas State Representative Byron Cook joined Vice President of Texas Mutual Insurance Company Woody Hill in presenting Bobcat Contracting with the Texas Mutual Insurance Safety Award for an outstanding safety record.

This is the third time the Central Texas-based energy services company has earned the award. Less than one percent of Texas Mutual policy holders are able to obtain the award annually.

Cook and Hill met with R. Marc Young, owner and president of Bobcat Contracting, in Hillsboro, headquarters for
Bobcat Contracting, to present the award in front of key community and county leaders.

Safety trophies are awarded to companies who have significantly reduced or eliminated workplace accidents and provided the resources to protect employees from workplace hazards.

ā€œWe are honored to be able to achieve this safety award again,ā€ Young said.

ā€œThe most important thing is keeping our employees safe, which has allowed us to grow and expand each year.ā€

In addition to pipeline and fabrication, and electrical and instrumentation, Bobcat Contracting now has a crane operations division.

ā€œThe hard work our employees bring to the table each day has allowed us to remain the single source for our customers,ā€ Young said.

ā€œExpanding our operation to accommodate the changing needs of our customers allows us to stay competitive.ā€

Bobcat Contracting is the single source in energy services in Texas and around the country. The company strives to meet the needs of a diverse group of energy companies by offering services in pipeline and fabrication, electrical and instrumentation, and crane operations.

Bobcat Contracting utilizes the best products and materials available, real-time applications, and paperless office functions.

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