Safety is of paramount concern when utilizing crane lifting services in Bryan-College Station.  Cranes are indispensable pieces of equipment on a construction site, as well as in numerous other stand-alone operations such as installing commercial air conditioning units – but they can also be the most dangerous single piece of equipment on a job site.  Numerous safety protocols must be followed if the lifting job will be a success.

We always make sure to fully brief our customers on safety and security concerns, when they rent one of our cranes.  These are some of the most important points we go over.

Important Rules to Follow When Hiring Crane Lifting Services in Bryan-College Station

  • Never overload the crane

According to job accident statistics, the vast majority of crane-related incidents – over 80% – are due to the crane being over-loaded. Sometimes this is due to ignorance of the crane’s limitations, other times it’s due to contractors sacrificing safety to save a little money.  Either way, if the crane fails while carrying a large load, injuries or deaths are almost certain to occur.

Before renting a crane, you should have specific detailed information on what will be lifted, and how high.  Without that information, you can’t rent a crane and be certain it will be up for the job.

  • Know the location of every power line and generator

Another major cause of crane-related accidents is the crane swinging into a live power source.  As cranes are made of conductive materials, this will often kill the operator and anyone else in close proximity.  So, it’s vital to know every live electrical source on the job site and have full plans in place for how to avoid (or shut down) those sources while the crane is in operation.

  • Have contingency plans for inclement weather

As we saw dramatically illustrated earlier this year in Dallas, high winds can potentially topple a crane, causing massive property damage and deaths.  Likewise, it is simply never safe to operate a crane in a lightning storm.  When coordinating a crane job, keep a close eye on weather forecasts.  And, even if the weather service says the skies will be clear, have backup plans to safely shut down the operation if a storm hits.

Bobcat Contracting can help ensure your next crane lift in Bryan-College Station is a complete success.  Contact us to discuss how we can help with your next project.