Efficient and effective crane operation can help your construction team achieve its project goals safely and in a cost-effective manner. Having access to expert guidance will provide the ideal foundation for this process, so our experienced crane hire team at Bobcat Contracting is offering our top tips for crane operation.

Top tips for effective crane operation

Be aware of overhead hazards

Any qualified crane operator will know that overhead hazards are the leading danger when operating a crane. Make sure that you review the area carefully and have your team check for any overhead hazards before crane operation begins.

Turn off cell phones before operating the crane

Crane operation should be treated the same way as operating any other motor vehicle. Cell phones should be turned off and operators should focus solely on the crane.

Read the crane load charts

Prior to operating the crane, gain a clear understanding of the machineā€™s load charts. Any overload can cause significant operational and safety issues.

Monitor the job site

Make sure thereā€™s a member of the team monitoring the job site for a change in site conditions. Whether itā€™s weather changes or new personnel onsite, the change can impact site safety. Ensure that the monitor on the job signs off on operation before you begin using the crane.

Use appropriate safety equipment

Appropriate safety equipment should be used at all times when you hire a crane. Ensure that the equipment is designed inline with the latest industry safety regulations.

Check the equipment

Make sure thereā€™s a professional onsite who can check the equipment before work begins. The most qualified member of the team should walk around the crane and check for any mechanical issues that might impact performance, such as loose wires or debris on the equipment.

Stop the equipment immediately if you suspect a problem

Itā€™s important that the person operating the equipment stops the crane immediately if a problem has occurred. The issue could be related to the engine or the movement of the crane; even small problems such as a crack in the screen require you to stop the crane and report the issue.

Our experienced team at Bobcat Contracting can help guide your team on optimal crane operation. To speak with our crane hire team directly about an upcoming project, please call us today. Weā€™re available around the clock to answer your questions.