Heavy Hauling

Anyone who’s done heavy hauling knows it’s more complicated than putting the load into your trailer and driving. In fact, heavy equipment requires knowing more about your equipment, security, and even local road legislation. Even if you’re just in it to hire heavy haul services, here’s how you can tell the keys to success at heavy hauling.

Four Keys to Heavy Hauling Success

  • Employ the right trailer
    Depending on the nature and materials of your cargo, you’ll need to choose the right tool – or trailer – for the job. Flatbed trailers provide an open platform and a flat space for carrying your cargo. Drop deck trailers sit atop the tractor unit with a single one drop deck. By contrast, an extendable drop deck trailer can extend to secure long loads that require support from two trailers underneath. An adjustable bar permanently attached to the bed is what makes a gooseneck trailer, while a lowboy trailer is ideal for transportation of construction vehicles and equipment because of its two height drops and low bed.
  • Secure the load firmly
    Safety always comes first, and for your own safety and that of those with whom you share the road, it is essential to secure your load efficiently and tightly. One of the most important aspects of transporting heavy hauls is to make sure accidents don’t happen. Because of the size of what you’re hauling, failing to secure the load firmly might lead to risks of injuries, property damage, environmental damage, financial losses, injuries or deaths.
  • Travel with your permits
    In every state in the US, an Oversize Load permit is required to transport heavy hauls. The cost differs from state to state, and usually a small service fee is added on top of the state-level fee. Loads should not exceed dimensions of 80 foot long, 12 foot wide, and 14 foot 6 inches high. Many construction companies order heavy hauling permits directly from the state, and some even save on service fees by using a permit service to help complete the necessary forms. Depending on the load’s material or size, a civilian or police escort might be recommended.
  • Know your route
    Because heavy hauling is so dangerous, every driver should review their route in advance, and that holds true whether you’re traveling down the freeway or through a construction site. One excellent way to travel safely in real time is to use a pilot car to alert you to traffic, road conditions, accidents or other obstacles on the road, and thus to reduce danger to other motorists. You can review your route using your GPS, smartphone app, on-board navigation systems, or even traditional paper maps.

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