Employing a hired crane serviceis an easy and cost-effective solution to a wide variety of construction and contracting challenges. But care and respect must always be exercised when working around a crane. Used properly, they’re invaluable tools, but without the right safety measures,they can be incredibly dangerous.

At Bobcat Contracting, we are safety fanatics. We have a safety record which is second to none and go out of our way to protect your assets.  But you should still be aware of important safety measures when hiring a crane service, so we’ve collected a few below.

4 Critical Crane Safety Tips

1 – Be aware of any power lines

Make sure your crane operator knows the location of every wire and unit carrying live power. Most cranes are not insulated or grounded, so hitting a live power line could cause serious risk of shock or electrocution.

2 – Know your crane’s load limits

Cranes are capable of hoisting many tons of material at once, but every crane has its limit. Those lifted materials become serious hazards should the crane tip over, or see its lifting arm buckle. It’s vital that you have accurate weights for every object the crane will be picking up, so its operator can know these ahead of time and plan accordingly.

3 – Have spotters on the ground

A crane operator is going to have limited visibility, even in the most open of cockpits.  There should be at least one spotter on the ground at all timeskeeping people away from the crane and warning the operator of any potential danger. People should never walk directly below the load a crane is hoisting.

4 – Choose the right crane for the terrain

When hiring a crane service, be sure you know exactly the sort of terrain it will be working on. Even if the crane is within its load limits, if the ground shifts or it’s on unstable land, accidents could occur. If it will be on uneven or unstable terrain, you may need a tread-based crane rated for rougher ground.

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