Construction is an expensive field, and it’s important to keep costs down.  That’s why so many operations are turning to crane rental companies when they need heavy lifting equipment, rather than trying to buy their own hardware.  It’s a choice that brings plenty of benefits, and very few drawbacks.

In many cases, this is a very easy decision to make – particularly for operations which only have occasional need for a crane.

4 Reasons to Hire Crane Rental Companies Rather Than Owning

1 – Avoiding the up-front costs

Cranes are incredibly expensive, period.  Even a relatively small, self-erecting crane without any means of locomotion will cost six figures, and larger models suitable for working on large-scale projects can easily get into the millions of dollars.  In the meantime, rental costs are generally 1/100th or less of what it costs to buy.

You would need to rent a lot of cranes for the price to even start to approach the price of buying one outright.  And that’s just the start of the costs.

2 – Maintenance and upkeep

Cranes are expensive to buy and expensive to maintain.  A quality crane can literally last for decades, but that’s only with ongoing maintenance and repairs.  They also need to be periodically inspected and certified to be legal, and that’s another extremely pricey process.

In the meantime, all that is folded into the cost of renting a crane, so you get one single low price.

3 – Expertise and manpower

Cranes require specialized operators, who are trained on both that specific crane as well as crane operations in general.  Keeping an expert operator on-staff will only add to your costs, particularly including licensing and ongoing training\recertification.

However, when you rent from a crane rental company, you’ll get a fully-trained and certified operator along with your equipment.

4 – Insurance and liability

Finally, consider what happens if a crane you own breaks down, or its operator makes a costly mistake.  You’re on the hook for the costs.  Credible crane rental companies, on the other hand, will be fully-insured and able to pay for all damage done.

Of course, the best will also have extremely low accident rates, adding to their value as a partner.

Choose Bobcat Contracting as Your Crane Rental Partner

The cost savings are substantial, and the drawbacks are few.  Contact Bobcat Contracting today to discuss your crane rental needs!