Chances are your operation already has some trucks and other hauling vehicles in place for moving materials around.  However, when you start talking about heavy or oversized loads, those standard vehicles often can’t get the job done.

Generally speaking, a “heavy” load is defined as anything over 80,000 pounds in total weight.  That translates to around 44,000 pounds in cargo, plus the weight of the truck, trailer, and other equipment.  When dealing with such loads, it’s usually a good idea to call in professional assistance in the form of a heavy haul trucking contractor.

Heavy load trucking in Houston, Texas

Four Big Reasons to Use A Heavy Haul Trucking Service for Large Loads

  • Get the right equipment for the job

Standard-sized hauling vehicles often lack the necessary safety features and capacity to carry loads over about 44,000 pounds.  You often need specialty rigs or trailers capable of handling the load – which a heavy haul trucking service can easily provide.  They may also be able to provide specialized trucks designed specifically to be as low-weight as possible, to increase the amount which can be legally hauled.

  • No worries about permits and other paperwork

Moving heavy or oversized loads often means significant paperwork, particularly if you’re moving them between states.  This can be a big hassle even in the best of cases, and even minor mistakes can cause major problems with regulators.   A heavy haul trucking firm will have experience with the bureaucracy and can ensure the load travels without delays or fines.

  • Benefit from years of logistical experience

Moving heavy or oversized loads long-distance is a genuine challenge, requiring a lot of pre-planning and preparation.  Often, the entire route needs to be mapped out in detail beforehand, to ensure the load won’t be stopped by any weight- or size-limited obstacles, such as low-clearance bridges.  This is exactly the sort of problem that professional contractors know how to solve, without issue.

  • Improve load efficiency

Despite the additional challenges, there are often situations where heavy loads are ultimately more cost-efficient than smaller loads.  Being able to combine a lot of goods into a single load will save a lot in fuel costs, compared to using multiple vehicles.  A good heavy haul trucking company may be able to save you money.

Bobcat Contracting has extensive experience in hauling large and oversized loads across Texas and Oklahoma.  Contact us to help overcome any shipping challenges you’re facing.