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Different Crane and Rigging Equipment Needed for Lifts

Using the right crane and rigging equipment for performing heavy lifts is essential to safety. Working with a company specializing in these services is always important in making sure the job is done right. Of course, every job is different, as various types of equipment are needed for performing lifts and other services on the job site.

Here is an overview of the types of lifting and rigging equipment needed for different jobs.

Lifting Chains – Lifting chains are also known as chain slings, as they play a key role in securing and lifting heavy loads. The number of chains needed for a job task will vary based on the type of load. Steel lifting chains are especially effective at lifting large loads. You can also choose from different chain grades that can range anywhere from Grade 30 to Grade 120.

Outrigger Legs and Pads – Outrigger legs offer much more support and stability for a crane. These hydraulic legs are also retractable, and you can choose between either an A-frame or an H Style. An H Style has a pair of round or square legs, while the legs of an A-frame extend at an angle.

Synthetic Slings – Synthetic slings are a common type of rigging equipment due to their versatility and durability. They can easily lift heavy loads without damaging materials. Synthetic slings are available in numerous materials, such as nylon, polyester, or other lightweight options.

Crane-Lifting Hooks – Crane-lifting hooks play an important role on many different job sites. A crane hook is needed to attach the load to the crane, as you can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to best meet your needs. Crane lifting hooks are also available in many different materials.

Hoists – Hoists are often added to increase the lifting capacity of a crane. You can choose from three different types of hoists, as the type of hoist you need is dependent on the load. These below-the-hook devices include supporting lifters, gripping lifters, and pressure lifters. 

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