September 10, 2017 – Hillsboro, TX – Those seeking a new career in the ever-lucrative field of oil and gas pipeline construction can get a kick start with Bobcat Contracting. Bobcat is continually hiring new entry-level workers and is always seeking the best workforce it can find.

Bobcat Contracting has three branches in need of workers:

  • Pipeline fabrication, construction, and maintenance.
  • Crane operation, rental, and commercial hauling.
  • Electrical instrumentation, communication, and automation systems and overhead powerline systems.

Bobcat will consider all workers, regardless of age or educational experience. Anyone from recent high school graduates to experienced workers seeking a career change will be considered.. Bobcat can provide on-the-job training and licensing as needed. Positions come with a highly competitive benefits package. A CDL or heavy machinery operator’s license opens even more doors

Applicants should know that Bobcat takes safety and personal history seriously. Applicants will be asked to undergo a full background check, including criminal history and driving record, and drug testing.  Bobcat has one of the top safety records in the country, and this is in large part due to their insistence on reliability in their workforce.

Those interested in applying should visit the Bobcat Contracting website to fill out the online application. Otherwise, contact for more information on specific positions available.

About Bobcat Contracting

Bobcat Contracting is a legitimate Texas success story, founded in 1997 by Roy M. “Marc” Young, a young man with a backhoe and a dream.  What began as a way to make money during college has become one of the leading oil and gas pipeline construction companies in Texas, alongside extensive work in crane rental and on-site electrical/instrumentation operations.

Today, Bobcat Contracting is continually growing and adding to its labor force, while maintaining one of the top contractor safety records in the country. Oil and gas companies choose Bobcat Contracting for their unparalleled combination of expertise and “hands on” small business attitude.

Contact 254.582.0205 or visit us for more information about oil and gas pipeline construction companies.