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Why You Need an Experienced Crane Repair Service Regularly Inspecting Your Cranes

Owning one or more cranes can be of benefit to large contractors and construction companies, but crane ownership carries substantial responsibility.  Should a crane break down during a job, the results could be disastrous – or even deadly.  That’s why cranes need regular inspections conducted by a highly-experienced crane repair service that knows the machines inside and out.

There are plenty of reasons you want pros inspecting your cranes.

Five Big Reasons to Hire A Crane Repair Service for Regular Crane Inspection

1. It’s the law

OSHA mandates that cranes be inspected regularly by qualified individuals, according to a set schedule based on how often the crane is used.  Cranes in heavy use could potentially need to be inspected on a monthly basis, to verify operational fitness.  We suggest reading OSHA’s own interpretation letters for clarification on their inspection policies.

2. Maintaining safety

Few pieces of heavy machinery on a construction site could cause more chaos if they broke down at the wrong time.  Cranes are called upon to lift and swing immense loads.  A critical failure could potentially demolish a project or cause a large number of injuries.  You need regular inspections to assure both your own staff and potential clients, of your commitment to safety.

3. Reducing repair expenses

Crane inspections cost far less than major breakdowns, and by having your cranes inspected regularly, you will be able to spot minor maintenance issues before they become major problems.  Major repairs are so costly that even a single big repair job could easily cost more than an entire operational lifetime’s worth of inspections.

4. Maintaining operational fitness

The only way to confirm how much your crane is capable of lifting is to have regular inspections and maintenance to bring it up to full operational capacity.  If your crane hasn’t been inspected, you have no way of knowing whether it can lift the loads it’s supposed to.  In turn, you cannot offer those assurances to potential clients without inspections.

5. Protecting your investment

We don’t need to tell you that cranes are expensive – why put that investment at risk?  Inspections are an affordable way to ensure the millions you’ve put into your cranes won’t go to waste.

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