Cranes are some of the most frequently used pieces of heavy equipment on a job site, transporting building materials from place to place, and performing other tasks. That’s why it’s so important that they’re in good working condition. Inspecting your crane on a regular basis has a host of benefits, and Bobcat Contracting has highlighted some of them for you here.

Before beginning your next big job, here are five reasons to have your crane inspected.

  1. It Improves Safety

One of the foremost reasons for regular crane inspection is that it helps you maintain the safety of the crane. Cranes can do some heavy damage if they break, but calling a licensed inspection team to regularly check out your crane and all its components will prevent such a scenario. You’ll be able to make certain all of your employees and clients are as safe as possible.

  1. It’s the Law

Regular crane inspections aren’t just beneficial, they’re also part of the law. OSHA states that cranes need to be inspected on a regular basis by qualified professionals. There is an inspection schedule based on the frequency a crane is used that needs to be followed. You can find more about this here.  

  1. Reducing Repairs & Maintenance Costs

By performing regular inspections on your crane you can drastically cut back on crane repair and maintenance costs. You’ll be able to spot any issues before they grow out of control and greatly cut down the chances of an accident, breakdown, or another issue. Inspections might seem like a costly endeavor, but it’s peanuts compared to the amount you’ll need to pay if your crane breaks while on a job.

  1. Maintaining Efficiency

Cranes are used for everything from lifting heavy building materials to moving building parts and heavy machinery on a job site. Since they’re used so often, it’s important that they function as efficiently as possible. By regularly inspecting your crane, you can make certain yours is performing up to par and can handle all of those exceedingly heavy loads.

  1. Maintaining Your Warranty

It’s no secret that cranes can be quite an investment, which means that protecting that investment is essential. By performing regular inspections, you can make certain you stick with any of the necessary requirements for your manufacturer’s warranty and protect your investment.

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