Do you need a crane to complete a project in the Austin area? Don’t go to the unnecessary expense of buying a crane. Austin crane rentals offer a much simpler and cost-effective alternative for bringing a crane into your project.

There’s no need to buy a crane if you can help it. But if you’re still not convinced, here are a few more insights.

5 Reasons to Rent a Crane, Rather than Buying 

1 – Lower up-front costs

A new crane is an extremely expensive investment, one which can easily reach into six figures. Even for dedicated construction companies, it can take years for a crane to pay for itself. If you only need one occasionally, the up-front cost simply isn’t worth it.

2 – Ongoing costs

Cranes aren’t merely expensive to buy, they’re also expensive to maintain. Even moving them around costs thousands of dollars. There’s also ongoing maintenance, fuel, certifications, insurance, and all the other associated costs.

3 – Training requirements

It’s not enough to have the crane, you also need operators qualified to run it. That means more manpower, and even more monetary investments into ongoing training, safety protocols, and licensing.

4 – Limited utility

There’s no such thing as an all-purpose crane. So even if you work on jobs that consistently require a crane, there’s no guarantee it will be appropriate for every role it needs to fulfill. An Austin crane rental company, on the other hand, will have many cranes available so you can always get the right crane for each job.

5 – Liability issues

If you own the crane, that makes all accidents and damages your responsibility, and insurance won’t necessarily cover all of them. On the other hand, when you rent a crane, the rental company is the one assuming most or all of the liability. This means enlisting the services of a rental company can save you big time if there’s ever an on-the-job accident.

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