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What You Should Know About Crane Hire Companies

Crane hire companies offer a highly beneficial service to potential clients across the construction industry. For those beginning a new project, it’s important to learn more about the unique advantages of working with a crane hire company. In this new post from Bobcat Contracting, we’ll explain what you should know about crane hire services.

Crane hire companies have insurance

One of the major differences between purchasing a crane for your team and working with crane hire companies is that crane hire companies have insurance. This insurance means that you’re protected if one of the cranes is damaged during the completion of construction work. Rather than investing resources in buying a crane only to then have to pay to repair it when it’s damaged, you can hire a crane rental and then be covered throughout the duration of the rental period.

Crane hire companies take care of storage

Another aspect to think about when deciding if you want to use a crane hire service are your storage needs and availability. When you buy your own crane, you must have a place to store the crane when it’s not in use. In the climate in the northern states, this can be a problem, as colder temperatures might lead to component damage when cranes are left outdoors. Crane hire companies take care of all storage requirements, ensuring that the crane is protected around the clock.

Crane hires require operation

When you hire a crane for an upcoming project, make sure the company you’re working with provides you with operator services. The crane operator will be critical to the success of your construction project. Find out how much you’ll be spending on the crane rental and whether the cost to hire an operator and purchase a crane for the long-term mitigates this cost. Oftentimes, you’ll be able to save money working with a rental firm that has their own crane operators on staff.

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