There are few types of construction projects that won’t require a crane at some point in the process – even if it’s only to move other pieces of equipment into place.  In all likelihood, you’ll need one or more cranes throughout the job.  This might make it tempting to think about buying your own crane for the work.

However, this is almost never a good idea, especially not when you can simply rent from a crane service.  Renting a crane will be the smarter option, for a wide variety of reasons.

Four Reasons It Makes Sense to Hire A Crane Service Rather Than Buying

  1. The upfront costs

Cranes are incredibly expensive to purchase.  Even a small crane will be six figures.  Seven is more common, and larger ones can easily reach eight.  That’s just not a cost that most construction budgets -or even several budgets- can accommodate.  Not when you can rent for a fraction of the cost.


  1. Cranes are expensive to maintain

A crane has a lot of moving parts, and they all have to be consistently monitored and inspected and serviced.  There are also local and state licenses, and (astronomical) insurance costs.  Plus, don’t forget your workforce.  You’ll have to pay to have qualified operators on staff, and keep them current on their training and licenses.

The long-term TCO of a crane is gigantic.

  1. One crane isn’t enough

There are a huge variety of cranes on the market, with different sizes, weight capacity, locomotion types, and more.  Simply buying one crane won’t solve all your crane-related problems.  Your next job could easily be outside your crane’s scope of operation, and then you’d be back to square one – except with an expensive crane to pay off which isn’t doing any work.

  1. You shoulder all the responsibility 

Cranes can be incredibly dangerous pieces of equipment, among the most potentially destructive on a job site.  If you own the crane outright, your operation will be solely responsible for the crane and its usage.  On the other hand, when you rent, responsibility is shared.  Genuine professionals with years of experience operating cranes will be sharing the burden.

Bobcat Contracting Can Be Your Trusted Crane Service

We have a wide variety of cranes available to rent, accompanied by skilled workers who are passionate about site safety.  Contact us today to discuss your needs!