Cranes are extremely versatile pieces of machinery, being useful in a wide range of situations.  That’s why it can be helpful for almost any business to know about the crane rental companies in their area.  Even if you aren’t primarily a construction company, there are a lot of reasons you might need to rent a crane for a day or two.

When you rent a crane, you don’t merely get the crane itself.  You also get expert operators, riggers, and logistical officers who can ensure the crane arrives on time, does its job, and does it safely.  That makes a crane a smart hire in a lot of different situations.

Four Situations Where Renting A Crane Makes Sense

  1. Earthmoving

There are plenty of situations where you might need to make some major changes to your property, and a crane is one of the best helpers here.  It doesn’t matter where the job needs to be done – cranes can come with a variety of wheels or treads suitable for any landscape.

  1. Elevated work

Sometimes cranes aren’t hired to lift objects or earth.  They’re hired to lift people!  If you need to do work on the top of a building, sometimes a crane is the easiest and safest way to transport them from the ground up to the worksite – particularly if it’s high enough that a cherry picker can’t do the job.

  1. Air conditioning installation

Air conditioners are huge and heavy pieces of machinery, particularly ones large enough to cool a large office.  Many companies underestimate how difficult they can be to work with if they’re upgrading their HVAC system.  A crane is almost always a must-have when working with any but the smallest of AC units.

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