Pipeline Construction

The Right Pipeline Construction Companies Ensure Your Pipeline Is A Success

Oil and gas is an important industry here in Texas, and across the area. New drills and new pipelines are often called for, and that requires highly specialized expertise. Pipelines are not easy to plan or lay down, and they require extensive bureaucratic adherence as well. Only well-experienced pipeline construction companies will be able to do the job right.

Bobcat Contracting has specialized in the oil and gas industry for over twenty years, and we’re one of the contractors that companies across Texas and Oklahoma call on when they need the best in pipeline construction and support. We can assist with a wide variety of issues, including:

Installation Options

Once the beginning and endpoint of the pipeline are determined, the real engineering questions start. What will be the best way to install the drill and the pipe, taking into account the area and everything nearby? Standard open-cut pipe laying is cheap up front but can lead to costly issues like having to rip up pavement along the way. Horizontal direction drilling, on the other hand, is more costly but less disruptive.

An experienced pipeline construction contractor can help you navigate these issues.

Equipment Needs

The equipment used for oil and gas pipelines is always expensive, but there’s no reason to spend more than is necessary. The right pipeline construction company can compare equipment types, costs, and expected lifespans to help you find the sweet spot between price and ROI.

Determining The Route

A long pipeline will involve a lot of geographical challenges, which also affect costs and equipment needs. The more experienced your contractor is, the better, as they will be able to evaluate proposed routes, predict the challenges involved, and fine-tune the routing to provide the most secure pipeline possible.

Managing The Work Crew

A project that spans many miles is a major logistical challenge, including keeping all workers and supervisors on the same page. A great pipeline construction firm knows the right people to call and has a team who knows how to work together. Proper management and communication keep the project on-task.

Bobcat Contracting is one of the premier pipeline construction companies in TX and OK. Beyond our extensive experience, we are known throughout the industry for our absolute focus on safety. We’ll get the job done rightand deliver the pipeline you need.  Contact us for an initial consultation.