For dedicated construction and contracting companies, it may sometimes make sense to purchase a crane rather than renting one. However, these scenarios are relatively rare. Many of today’s leading construction companies rent their cranes rather than buy them because of the huge costs involved in purchasing, maintaining, storing and transporting them. In a lot of cases, a Texas crane truck rental makes far more sense: it’s usually faster, easier, and much less expensive.

Here are a few of the most common situations when companies come to Bobcat Contracting for a Texas crane rental. 

4 Situations where Crane Truck Rentals in Texas Simply Make Sense

1 – You’re doing a one-time job

A company might be looking to install a new air conditioning unit on their roof. Whether they’re hiring the workers themselves or going through a contractor, they are going to need a crane to get the job done; but only for a day or two. After that, they have no need for a crane, so rental makes sense.

2 – You’re dealing with especially heavy loads

Every crane has its limit, and it’s dangerous to push the limits of what a crane can lift. Sometimes, even a company that owns their own crane will need something with more power: that’s when they turn to a Texas crane rental company to get a bigger model for the job.

3 – You’re working in uneven or unsteady terrain

Most cranes require a very flat and stable surface to operate effectively. But sometimes this isn’t possible. Cranes mounted on treads do exist, but they’re a piece of specialty equipment. This is another situation where simply renting the necessary equipment makes the most sense.

4 – You don’t want to worry about safety and other liability issues

Cranes are inherently dangerous pieces of machinery, given how much destructive power is in a hoisted multi-ton load. When you rent a crane, the rental company providing the operators will be shouldering the legal liability if anything goes wrong. Sometimes, there’s no point in shouldering the needless risk.

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