If you own one or more cranes, a lot of financial responsibilities come with it.  Your cranes will need regular maintenance and inspections, as well as keeping up with insurance and other licensing matters.  One major part of this will be periodically bringing in a crane repair service to perform a full inspection of the crane.

Crane inspections are well worth the time and money because they bring numerous benefits – most of which can prevent much more costly problems in the future.

Three Reasons Why Your Cranes Should Be Regularly Inspected by Professionals

  • Staying within regulations

Every state and region has its own specific regulations covering heavy equipment, but one thing is for certain: you’ll have a far better chance of staying in those regulations and preserving your license, with regular inspections.  They can alert you to potential problems that would put the crane outside regulation long before it would be an actual issue with the state.

  • Preventing costly equipment failures

Cranes are huge, complicated devices with a lot of moving parts – and a lot of potential points of failure.  No one is going to be better at spotting trouble early on than a crane repair service.  Allowing them to thoroughly examine every part of your crane means they can spot even minor issues which would become major problems later on.

Otherwise, you could be looking at equipment failure -or worse- while on a job, and that could be disastrous for everyone involved.

  • Protecting your employees

Cranes aren’t merely complicated, they can also be incredibly dangerous.  The huge weight of a crane, plus its load, means that a failed crane can have incredible destructive potential.  This is something which must be avoided, as even a single major accident can be so costly that it shuts a contractor down, creates lawsuits and other forms of reparation.  Or it can drive your insurance costs up to unaffordable levels.

Bobcat Contracting Is Your Go-To Crane Source in Texas And Oklahoma

We are primarily a crane rental and contracting business – but because we own a full fleet of cranes, we also have extensive experience repairing them, along with specialized repair bays.  If your cranes need inspection or repair, we have the knowledge needed to get the job done right, and at a fair price.

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