When working on a construction project in Texas, a crane rental can be one of the best investments you make.  Cranes are prohibitively expensive to own, so hiring a quality crane rental in Texas will solve a lot of problems without breaking the budget.  Better yet, you’ll also receive highly trained workers along with the crane, ones who know the machinery and will be able to effectively operate it.

However, that doesn’t mean a crane rental in Texas is a “fire and forget” solution.  You’ll want to be proactive to ensure that you get the best value for your money, and to increase the chances of the work being done without any accidents or other incidents.

Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Three Ways to Work Effectively with A Crane Rental Company

  1. Thoroughly discuss your needs before signing them up

The best crane rental companies will have many different cranes available for rent and will strive to match you to the best piece of equipment for your job – but they need to hear it from you.  They should receive a thorough briefing on the overall project and their role in it, so they can choose the appropriate machine.

  1. Develop safety plans

Safety should always be a top priority for your crane company, because few pieces of equipment on a job site are capable of being more dangerous.  There should be thorough security planning, both ahead of time, as well as ongoing security briefings as the job continues. Your crane rental company should always be enthusiastic about security discussions and plans for keeping everyone safe.

  1. Clean up any roads leading to your job site

When hiring a crane, responsibility for incidents is split between the service and the hirer several different ways.  One which is often overlooked is this:  Generally, you take over responsibility for the crane’s wellbeing once it leaves the nearest public roadway.  So, if there is a private road leading from a roadway to the job site, you should be sure it’s thoroughly prepped and ready for the crane that will soon drive on it.  Your crane company will give you the details.

Choose Bobcat Contracting for A Safe Crane Rental in Texas

We’re passionate about safety at Bobcat Contracting and will do our utmost to keep everybody safe.  Contact us today to discuss your job requirements.