There are numerous reasons why it would make sense to rent cranes from Austin crane rental companies, rather than buying outright.  Cranes are incredibly expensive to own, operate, and maintain.  Plus, any given crane is only going to be useful in a certain range of jobs.  Even for contractors who do extensive construction work, it often makes more financial sense to rent cranes from a company with a wide selection, rather than buying them outright.  That way, you get the exact right crane for each job, without the expense of maintaining them.

What are the most important considerations when choosing between available crane rental companies?  Here are a few tips.

Four Important Factors to Consider When Hiring Crane Rental Companies in Austin

  1. Have as many details on your job, and the job site, as possible.

The more information you can provide to your crane rental agency, the better the results are going to be.  If you’re renting from an operation with a large fleet, they’ll be able to custom-match a crane to your needs – but only if they have an accurate representation of those needs.

At the least, they’ll need to know where the job is happening, what’s being lifted, what the ground conditions are like, and what the site layout looks like.

  1. How much time do they spend on maintenance and safety?

Ask a lot of questions about their maintenance and safety plans.  Ask to see records.  A good crane rental agency understands how dangerous a poorly maintained crane can be and will be happy to show proof of their diligence.  Their safety record should be one of your top considerations when choosing a crane rental company.

  1. Who’s driving?

One major element that needs to be addressed is who the crane operators and rigging specialists will be.  Many crane rental agencies will also supply their own workforce, but this isn’t universal.  Be sure to clarify this prior to signing any agreements.

  1. Have a thorough understanding of liability.

You need to know what types of insurance the crane company is carrying, and what potential problems they would be liable for in the event of an accident.  This can vary depending on a number of factors (such as who supplies the operators) but must be nailed down before signing a contract.

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