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Protect Your Cranes from The Texas Heat for A Safe, Successful Job

Summer is here in Texas, and the temperatures are only rising higher and higher.  If you’re thinking of hiring a Texas crane service to rent one or more cranes, you should already be thinking about how to protect them from the heat.  Cranes are easily affected by weather, and when the temperatures rise above 100, that can start causing serious problems.

Here are a few tips, based on our years providing cranes and crane services to companies across Texas and Oklahoma.

Four Important Tips for Handling Cranes in The Summer Heat

  1. Inspect the crane daily

You should be inspecting your cranes daily in any case, but it’s particularly important during the summer.  Particularly hot days could potentially melt key components, especially those made of rubber such as fluid hoses.  Speaking of fluids, make sure to constantly check them – your crane will go through a lot of lubricant and coolant when it’s hot.

  1. Keep the crane sheltered away from the sun

Never leave a crane unattended to bake in the sun all day.  At a minimum, it will make the crane nearly impossible to operate if you need to power it up since the operator’s seat/cabin will be an oven.  The heat can also do ongoing damage to parts of the crane, such as potentially cracking the seat and other non-metal parts.

  1. Be aware of your crane’s temperature ratings

Some cranes are simply not meant to work in extreme temperatures and could have breakdowns if pushed past their limit.  A good Texas crane service will keep track of their cranes’ ratings and recommend one appropriate for the weather, but it’s always a good idea to double-check such things for yourself.

  1. Watch out for storms

Texas is notorious for having flash thunderstorms during heat waves – and that can be extremely dangerous for cranes and everyone in their vicinity.  There is no safe way to operate a crane when there’s lightning in the air.  Sudden gusting winds can also do substantial damage as well.  Be ready and willing to shut down operations quickly if the weather turns bad.

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