There are plenty of jobs which require the use of a crane – and so it’s a good thing there are reliable Houston crane rental services that make cranes affordable.  By renting a crane, you skip out on all of the costs associated with owning and maintaining a crane and can instead simply deploy it as needed for your job at reasonable rates.

However, this isn’t like renting a car!  Thought and planning are needed if you’re to get the right crane for the job, and see it completed successfully.  Our Houston crane rental company, Bobcat Contracting, can help you, but there are still key factors you’ll need to think about going in.

Five Important Things to Consider Before Renting A Crane

  1. The specifics of the job: size, weight, and height

What will you be lifting, how large is it, how heavy is it, and where does it need to go?  These are the absolute basics for planning a lift job, but they’re also the most important.  Cranes come in many varieties and capabilities, so it’s vital to have this information to ensure you have the right crane for the job.

  1. Logistical concerns

How will the crane get to your site, and how will it maneuver once on-site?  When dealing with larger cranes, such as those that require transport via oversized truckload, planning the logistics can sometimes be as difficult as planning the actual lift!

  1. Insurance

Whose insurance will cover the crane – and potential accidents – and under what circumstances?  In most cases, the crane rental company will handle most of the insurance, but you still need to collaborate to make sure the liability risks are fully understood.

  1. Manpower

Will you be supplying your own operators and rigging specialists, or will they come from the rental company?  Most of the time it’s better to get operators as part of the rental since they will be familiar with the machinery, but there can be exceptions.

  1. Safety and Security

Finally, give a lot of thought to the actual use of the crane on-site.  The more specific you can be about the site itself, and challenges to the lift, the more likely that everything will go smoothly.  Also, how will you be providing physical security for the crane?

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