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On any successful construction project, safety will be an important component to its success, especially where crane usage comes into play. Sometimes, you’ll need to avoid using your crane until a storm passes or even try to get it into storage for the time being to avoid damage. As one of the leading crane rental companies in Texas, Bobcat Contracting understands how important safety is on any crane job, and here we’ve collected a bit more info about using cranes in inclement weather.

Operating Your Crane on a Day with Inclement Weather

  • Wind: On a windy day, sometimes it’s best to not operate your crane at all, as high-velocity winds can cause the load you’re moving to swing and become unsafe. However, this doesn’t mean using your crane on a windy day is out of the question, you’ll simply need to refer to the manufacturer’s specifications to determine how much wind speed your crane can endure.
  • Rain: On rainy days, it’s best to get your crane to a sheltered area until the storm stops. This is because there are certain crane components, like its brakes and clutch, that aren’t waterproof and can suffer serious damage when they get wet.
  • Lightning: When it comes to bad weather, lightning is the biggest thing crane operators need to watch out for since overhead cranes are so tall. If there are signs of a storm containing lighting in advance, consider shutting down for the day. You should also have a clear method for detecting lightning on-site so you can avoid any lightning strikes on your cranes.

What to Do When a Storm Comes & Your Crane’s in Operation

If you’re operating your crane and a storm begins, as soon as you hear thunder, you should power down your crane and lower the boom. Additionally, ask anyone on-site to move away from the crane until lighting and thunder ceases and the storm passes.

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