When you hire Bryan crane lifting services, you need to be certain that they’ll place a proper priority on safety.  Cranes can be incredibly dangerous, one of the most dangerous pieces of equipment on a job site.  Completing the job without incident requires careful oversight and a nonstop dedication to safety, day after day.

In particular, there are three major risks that a crane rental service must always be on the lookout for…

The Three Hazards Your Bryan Crane/College Station Lifting Services Must Be Able to Prevent

  1. Dropped materials  

Every year, people die due to materials falling off of a crane.  Usually, this is not the fault of the rigging.  Rather, the materials themselves were not properly secured, and slide off as the crane moves the load around.

Your crane rental service should be constantly inspecting their hoists, rigging, and hooks to ensure they’re in top shape.  They also should be paying attention to every load, so that it’s properly secured.

  1. Overloading

There’s no bigger source of crane accidents than overloading the crane.  In fact, according to OSHA, this accounts for 80% of crane structural failures!  Your crane lifting services must have exact documentation of the weight limits for their cranes, as well as the weights of all materials being lifted, to keep everything within tolerances.  This can never be left to instinct – weigh and measure everything. 

Additionally, the crane operators should be aware if any environmental elements may affect maximum weight tolerances.  For example, sub-freezing temperatures can lower a crane’s maximum safe lifting weight by 25% or more!

  1. Electrical accident

The metal used in crane construction is conductive, which means sources of electricity are also a source of serious danger.  Crane operators can, and have, been electrocuted due to the crane accidentally coming into contact with a live wire or another power source.

This is all down to planning.  The site supervisor and lift director should know the location of every live power source on the site and be able to monitor the crane operator’s activity to make sure they stay away from it.  Generally, crane parts should be kept at least 10 feet away from electrical sources at all times.

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