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If you’re a construction company with big projects in the pipeline, having access to the right equipment is crucial. Crane equipment rental can be a smart solution to help you get the job done faster and more efficiently. By partnering with a reliable rental provider, like Bobcat Contracting, you can take advantage of the many benefits of equipment rentals. While buying machinery might make sense for larger companies, smaller to medium-sized companies can benefit from renting instead of buying. Read about the advantages of crane equipment rental and why it might be the best option for your business.

Advantages of crane equipment rental

1. Save On Storage Costs

Purchasing construction equipment incurs not only an initial cost, but also expenses for maintenance, storage, and transportation to job sites. Large equipment such as cranes requires suitable storage space that can be expensive, and the more equipment owned, the higher the cost for storage, insurance, security, and monitoring. Crane equipment rental, on the other hand, keeps overhead costs low by eliminating the need for long-term storage space, insurance, and security. The crane equipment is returned when the job is done, freeing up valuable real estate and avoiding the need for maintenance.


2. Save On Repair Costs

Contractors who rent heavy equipment from reliable suppliers can be confident that the equipment is always in top condition and operates at peak performance because all repairs and servicing are done in-house by expert technicians. Crane equipment rental eliminates repair and maintenance costs such as leasing or buying workshop space, buying tools and equipment, sourcing and purchasing machine parts, covering technician labor costs, funding emergency repairs, managing equipment records, and scheduling preventive maintenance. Nonproductive equipment time due to repairs is also costly for contractors. Renting crane equipment reduces the risk of interruptions in production time due to equipment repair needs, which can affect a project’s productivity and cut into the contractor’s profitability.


3. Save On Disposal Costs

Renting crane equipment offers long-term benefits as contractors do not have to worry about disposal and resale costs, unlike owning crane equipment which requires a dedicated plan to retain its value over time. Crane equipment rental eliminates costs associated with equipment resale, including preventive maintenance costs, marketing, broker costs, and lower market value when selling in a downturned economy.

Contractors who rent crane equipment have peace of mind in knowing they aren’t responsible for the maintenance and upkeep necessary to retain the machine’s value. Renting crane equipment can also help prevent the constraint of long-term commitments in some cases, as some contractors may have an immediate need to liquidate their assets. By partnering with the right rental provider, contractors can always get well-maintained equipment even for short-term use.


4. Reduce The Number of Equipment

As contracting businesses expand and offer new services, they require more and different types of equipment. Renting crane equipment can help contractors fulfill their immediate needs without having to manage more equipment themselves. This allows contractors to ramp up production quickly without the added responsibility of managing a larger fleet. With crane equipment rental, contractors can take a hybrid approach, owning their core equipment and supplementing it with rental equipment on an as-needed basis, allowing contractors to take on more projects and increase their production capacities without having to invest in more equipment.


crane equipment rental


5. Ensure Proper Equipment

Choosing the wrong equipment for a job can negatively impact a project’s bottom line. Operators may have to double their efforts if the equipment is too small, and using equipment that is too big can pose safety risks. When you rent crane equipment, it provides access to a variety of models that can cater to the scope of each job. However, not all equipment dealers can offer the right equipment. Choosing a supplier with an extensive inventory network capable of sourcing the appropriate crane equipment for each job is critical.

Bobcat Contracting offers a massive distribution network of reliable crane equipment with the expertise to help customers choose the right equipment for their job, allowing them to complete contracts more efficiently.


6. Meet Job Demands

Renting crane equipment can be more cost-effective, timely, and practical than sharing equipment between different locations when managing multiple projects simultaneously. Each job has unique requirements and having the flexibility to source the right equipment for a particular job whenever you need it is a tremendous asset. Emergencies such as unforeseen work, equipment failures, or canceled contracts can cause project completion delays and increased costs.

Crane equipment rental solutions from trusted suppliers like Bobcat Contracting can offer fast and flexible options to fill in gaps on short notice, providing contractors with a competitive advantage in today’s challenging business environment. By partnering with the right supplier, contractors can get the most efficient equipment available and ensure they always have solutions available from a local supplier.


7. Test Equipment Before Purchasing

Contractors often use a mix of rented and owned equipment to remain flexible for various projects. By renting some equipment, such as a crane, you can try it out before making a purchase. This approach allows you to test a similar machine to the one you’re considering buying, see how it performs, and determine if it’s the right model for your needs. Trying before buying is a wise business move that keeps operations running smoothly while giving you the opportunity to make an informed decision.


8. Save On Transportation Costs

Transportation and storage costs can add up quickly for contractors who own their crane equipment. Moving equipment often requires tractor-trailers, wide-load permits, and personnel to load and unload it. In addition, contractors need specialized storage space for bulky equipment. However, when contractors rent crane equipment, they can avoid these additional costs. Rental companies handle all transportation and storage logistics, dropping off and picking up equipment at the worksite. This eliminates the need for contractors to rent tractor-trailers or obtain wide-load permits.



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