When you’re attempting to handle a challenging load on a construction site, you’ll need to know which hitch to use for the optimal safety and working efficiency. To help guide you, our crane lifting services team explains how to select the right sling hitches.

Vertical hitches

Vertical hitches are designed to directly connect a load to a lifting device. They work by connecting the eye of a single chain sling to the crane or hoist hook and then connecting the other end to an attachment point on the load.

The lift made using a vertical hitch harnesses the full capacity of the sling. Teams should use a tag line when working with a single sling in order to assure a higher level of control and balance over the load.

Basket hitches

Basket hitches are designed to balance the load equally between the two legs of a sling. The load is cradled by placing the sling underneath the load and attaching the eyes separately to the hook. A basket hitch has twice the lifting capacity of a single leg vertical hitch as long as the sling angle is more than 90 degrees. If the angle is less than 90 degrees, the sling capacity is reduced. Talk to our crane lifting services experts about getting optimal performance from your basket hitch.

Choker hitches

A choker hitch is a product that provides superior load control. It works by tightening a sling down securely and limiting load movement. One eye of the hitch is wrapped around the load and then passed through itself. It’s then attached to the crane or hoist hook.

The stresses at the choke point reduce the lifting capacity to 75% of a single leg vertical hitch. And so it’s important that choker hitches are not used on unbalanced loads or loose bundles where the sling won’t make the 360-degree contact with the load. If you require greater levels of security, ensure you choose a double choker hitch, which uses two slings and provides greater surface contact on the load.

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