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Why Choose Bobcat Contracting for Heavy Haul Trucking Rentals inTexas?

There are plenty of reasons that companies of all sizes might have need of heavy haul trucking rentals in Texas.  From moving offices to installing large pieces of equipment like air conditioners, to making architectural changes, just about any company might have a need to rent a heavy haul truck for a day or two.

That leaves the question: who do you trust to do the work?  There are plenty of contractors out there, with wildly different service offerings, price points, and levels of experience.  However, if you want the full package, the best name in Texas to call upon is Bobcat Contracting.

Why Your Texas Heavy Haul Trucking Provider Should Be Bobcat Contracting

1 – Experience

We have more than twenty years’ experience providing superior contracted support services to the oil & gas industry, construction projects, and more.  Our can-do attitude has brought us an extensive list of satisfied clients who call upon us time and again, and our rapid growth as a company year after year.

2 – Highly trained operators

A large part of our success is due to the time and money we put into our own workforce.  We realize that a piece of heavy equipment is only as good as the person operating it.  Our workforce is extensively screened, highly trained, and certified even for difficult or dangerous work such as hazmat shipments.

3 – Unparalleled safety records

Simply put: We doubt you can find another contractor anywhere in Texas, or potentially anywhere in the country, which can genuinely match our safety record.  We put a huge emphasis on safety in every project we undertake, and the result is a history of safe projects which is considered almost unprecedented in the industry.

When you hire Bobcat, your workforce and property are in truly safe hands.

4 – Unusual loads?  Not a problem!

We love problem-solving at Bobcat, and frequently undertake jobs involving oversized, extremely heavy, or unusually-shaped loads – even jobs that other contractors in our field have turned down.  At times, we’ve invented solutions to complicated shipping problems, when no other contractor thought it could be done.

Bobcat Contracting: Superior Heavy Haul Trucking Rentals in Texas

In Texas and surrounding states, if you want a hauling job done right without mistake, Bobcat Contracting can do it.  No matter the size or scope of your project, we’re here for you.  Contact us for a full consultation.

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