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5 FAQs about Heavy Haul Trucking College Station & Bryan

For reliable College Station/Bryan heavy haul trucking services, our team at Bobcat Contracting has 25 years of experience in the field to ensure the safe transportation of your load. If you still have any questions or concerns about the experience, don’t worry — it’s completely natural, and we’re here to help.

Take a look at five common questions below.

What makes a shipment oversized?

Heavy haul freight involves transporting loads that exceed a state’s legal limit for a specific portion of road. Also known as oversize freight, these loads are taller, wider, longer, or heavier than normal. Each state has its own requirements for dimensions, so it’s important to hire a company familiar with each state’s laws and permitting procedures.

How are heavy haul loads different from regular shipments?

Aside from their dimensions and weight, heavy loads require permits before they hit the road. Depending on the unique shipment you might need pilot cars, which are identified with their yellow “oversize load” sign and flashing lights to let other drivers on the road know what you’re transporting.

What items qualify as oversize freight?

The items that qualify vary by state but typically include anything that exceeds a standard flatbed trailer’s width of 102 inches. Through the years of providing College Station/Bryan heavy haul trucking services, our team has seen some common freight types and has an idea of what to expect.

Often, these freights are:

  • Pre-built homes
  • Heavy machinery
  • Large shipping containers
  • Industrial equipment
  • Building elements (generators, bridge beams or windmill propellers)

Why does heavy haul cost more?

There are two main reasons for the increased cost: permits and pilot cars. The former can often incur extra fees and must be purchased within each state. As for the latter, these escort cars can become very expensive, especially for long trips across multiple states.

What are the limitations on heavy haul freight?

Generally, the biggest limitation of heavy haul freight is that not every carrier will be willing to carry them. Another limitation is when a load is oversize but can be divided into smaller parts, which means it can be broken down to accommodate legal limits. For example, a bridge with multiple parts might not qualify as oversize freight.

Our team at Bobcat Contracting uses our years of experience in the field to make each oversize freight trip as efficient and cost-effective as possible. If you’re looking for College Station/Bryan heavy haul trucking services, we’ll use our dedication and experience to ensure your materials are successfully transported. Contact us today at (254) 582-0205 for more information or to book an appointment.

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